The logistics of delivering last-mile solutions to customers is not without challenges. Aurora Aerial applies safety features on our remotely piloted aircraft (drone) solutions to mitigate risk and secure safety.


Urban Last mile Delivery

Urban Last Mile Delivery

Safety operations of drones

Our integrated drone technology is for business operations. We aim to ensure that payloads are delivered safely and securely regardless of challenges such as case multiple catastrophic failures impending delivery, interruption to the delivery’s path, or any interferences causing the drone to operate outside of the designated delivery area. We have implemented extras safety precautionary measures to ensure the highest reliability for delivery. One of our safety measures is a parachute recovery system designed to safeguard and protect the delivery payload.


Why do some drones have parachutes?

Parachute with Delivery payload

Parachute with Delivery payload


Drones have parachutes for public safety, business insurance, and Aurora’s company mission. Drone parachutes are the first action response in case of an emergency. Like parachutes used for airplanes, drone parachutes protect the drone and the cargo it carries from future damage. Although the parachute isn’t to hold a person, it prevents harm to people, such as bystanders.


What is the benefit of having a drone parachute?

There are multiple benefits of having drone parachutes incorporate into drones, besides being a top-rated security measure. One use is that the parachute protects the drone’s cargo to no damage to the product. The second benefit is that it rapidly drops the injury severity rate significantly. The worst injury to occur is as minimal as a slight headache.


How do drone parachutes work?


Deployment testing

There are many technical explanations on the full extent of how parachutes work—making it slightly complicated to clarify. There is an independent device inside our drone to monitor and trigger this safety feature. Suppose the drone begins to experience tumbling, such as the almost impossible circumstance of having 3 of its six engines quit simultaneously in the air. This device will automatically give an order to deploy the parachute. The parachute recovery system will deploy in split seconds; here, it slows the drone to about 4m/s, letting it fall slowly to the ground, protecting people and property from harm and safeguard the delivery payload. Various drone manufacturers have different minimum operation height, that means the drone doing the delivery has to operate


at a certain height above ground. This safety mechanism monitors the flight in real-time with a data log. The parachute system requires about 1-3 seconds to be fully deployed to slow the deceleration, depending on the actual environment.


So, how good are drone parachutes?

From a study created by Aurora’s delivery partner, ParaZero, they tested the parachute system over many months. They shared the data collected from their tests. ParaZero proved that the descent rate would be slow enough in a drone failure with the test data. The parachute system will work correctly in all types of failure scenarios.[1] Proving that parachute deployment will decrease damage and increase reliability with delivering your company’s products.

What makes Aurora Aerial successful?

Aurora Aerial’s emphasis on safety, further tested the parachute system as installed for its AAT1200 platform in num[] [/]erous actual tests, including the “tumbling” scenario – it worked! Exactly as designed. Aurora

Aerial is going the extra mile, possibly to be the only unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer in Canada. To test the impact on a real “crash test dummy” at Transport Canada’s Quebec vehicle safety and injury severity index is evaluated.

Aurora Aerial not only commits to safe and secure operation solutions for the last-mile delivery market. But we also prioritize ensuring public safety and business reliability to supportive communities, allowing more comfortable, faster, and more affordable last-mile delivery solutions for everyone.



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