Aurora Aerial Partnership with Valqari

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WINNIPEG, December 15, 2020. Aurora Aerial Inc. and Valqari LLC are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to develop a package deliveries system using customized unmanned aerial vehicles. Aurora Aerial Inc. provides customized UAV and associated remote pilot systems. The Winnipeg-based company focuses on last mile deliveries by integrating emerging technologies into aeronautics to empower clients in meeting tomorrow’s challenges. Aurora Aerial’s co-founders are passionate pilots with a history of building successful businesses, relationships and solutions.
Valqari’s patented Landing Stations provide a drone agnostic interface in delivery networks, enabling autonomous and asynchronous drone delivery solutions.

For more information on Valqari-Canada, contact Julie Munger, Director of Canadian Operations:
For more information on Aurora Aerial, contact Alan Tay 郑日翔, CEO :

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